Beat the summertime blues with seasonal SEO


There was a time when search engines had rather extended lead times for their crawl rates, but this is no longer true. Search engine web crawlers now respond to new keywords and content rapidly, making it possible to roll out a truly seasonal SEO strategy. An SEO strategy that factors in seasonal opportunities will give you a lot more mileage over the long term, allowing you to beat the summertime blues, the wintertime woes and everything else in between with relevant, targeted content that gets you hits and links throughout the year.

While your core brand values and offering might remain unchanged, it helps to take a look at the seasonal potential of your business. Some domains, such as travel and fashion, are more tied to the seasonal cycle than others, but nearly any business can capitalize on seasonal sale offers. The first step is to identify seasonal keywords that relate to your business. Next, find out how search trends for these keywords are distributed across the year. While season-linked searches will peak during the relevant event or season, they usually start trending weeks or even months in advance. Research will show you when to start rolling out efforts to capture the early-bird market and establish your offering in the public eye.

What do you need to do catch that seasonal SEO traffic? First of all, create meaningful, attractive landing pages around your take on the season. Creating content that is timely and useful will help drive traffic as well as targeted links, because such content is going to slowly be shared across social channels, if it is good enough.

Crafting the content is important; even more so than regular web pages, the content needs to be written around keywords. At the same time, readability, style and value have to be maintained. Common keywords and closely related keywords should be used across elements like the page header, meta description, body copy and so forth. The relevance and density of these keywords also needs to be kept in mind. Ultimately, memorable content that factors in keyword usage will attracts hits and then retain a greater number of readers.

Remember not to drop these keywords off-season; while there are peak periods for them, searches can occur at any time. Consistent performance on seasonal keywords through the year will improve you rankings and credibility, giving you more mileage when needed. Restricting them to a narrow window will mean you lose the momentum you have gathered and could have ploughed into next year’s push. Also, look into ways to repurpose old content from time to time to align it with the season’s hot-button keywords.

These aren’t services that every SEO consultant will necessarily offer, but I believe it’s worth going that extra mile to ensure that, for your business, it’s the season to be merry – January through December!

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