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Some companies consistently deliver winning products and services, while some struggle to even cross the finish line. The difference: Being perceptive to the user's needs and wants. And we at
i-Vista understand this subtle yet significant distinction. We understand that if users approach you because they 'like to' rather than they 'have to', it has a greater impact on your business.

In a view to encourage long term loyalty with your customers and partners, we make sure your first impression means what you want to say. Through a combination of creative solutions and technology based ideas, we create a connect that meets your business goal and at the same time, builds a rewarding relationship. We think beyond your solutions.

Our services cover:

Interactive Websites

Today there are probably more websites than people on the planet. And with web users becoming savvier and better multi-taskers, many know exactly where they want to go and how to search for information. How you connect with your audience and engage them in a dialogue through your website has become the key to success.

The website is like a formal introduction to your company, it is like a handshake with your customers, and you must create a lasting impression. We at i-Vista know how to help you deliver the best.

To most people, a unique website is one that is eye-catching and informative. We think a website should go beyond, and be creative, informative and most importantly, interactive; to get people to know who you really are. So begin the conversation. And watch your stakeholders build a long standing relationship with you.

User Experience Development

In a world of complexity, experiences are the greatest influencers. If you can create an experience that can relate to an individual's needs and preferences, you are sure to thrive and make an indelible impression on the user's mind. And Interaction shapes this kind of experience.

User experience relates not only at a meaningful, intellectual level but also at an emotional level. Subjectivity is the mantra to build and sustain a relationship, and we at i-Vista know the importance of relating effectively to users who are similar yet different, and we collaborate with you to accomplish it.

Online Applications

Whether you are scheduling a web presence or already have a website, we augment your websites by incorporating in it exceptional web applications, so that your website is more than just an online booklet of your organization.

Online applications help to add the maximum possible value, whether for internal operations or for external customers. We help build portal based applications that are specific to your information dissemination needs and are relative to the digital content you offer through your portal. The positive response of your visitors will be a reflection of the user-friendly yet unobtrusive applications that we build. We at i-Vista help in enhancing user satisfaction and bring your brand closer to your customers and partners.

Content Management Systems

Computer applications which are used to manage the work flow needed to collaboratively create, edit, review, index, search, publish and archive various kinds of digital media and electronic text are creating a new value for your business. We at i-Vista understand that the success of your enterprise portal depends to a great deal on the digital content you offer to your visitors while keeping in mind the inherent security issues. We collaborate with you to create an impression that will keep you ahead of your competitors.

Interactive Video files

By integrating interactive video files in your online communication platforms, we help you become a part of the future right now. Interactive video files are redefining how you engage your audience. While interactive video brings in excitement, it is also essential to see that the visual design does not impair readability, usability and understanding. We at i-Vista combine video and latest technologies to offer interactivity that will positively influence the way in which the program unfolds, thereby creating the desirable experience.