Win some, lose some: i-Vista at the Agency & Media Cricket League

Bangalore, February 8, 2012

Agency & Media Cricket League
Teamwork and co-ordination are crucial at i-Vista, where team members from different disciplines have to work together to make a project succeed. This February, we had a chance to display these qualities in a more physically engaging and thrilling atmosphere than usual.

The event was the Agency & Media Cricket League (AMCL), a chance for the backroom boys of the communications world to bask in the spotlight and live out dreams of cricket superstardom.

i-Vista was pitted against Mudra on the 4th of February and lost with 37 runs at a cost of 7 wickets in 5 overs against Mudra's 86 runs for 4 wickets in 10 overs.

In another match on the 5th of February, i-Vista won against Radio City, with a score of 81 runs in 10 overs at a cost of 2 wickets against Radio City's 68 runs with 5 wickets down in 10 overs. Both matches were challenging and most of all, deeply enjoyable. Win or lose, the team enjoyed the chance to display their typical teamwork in an environment of sportsmanship, friendly rivalry and camaraderie.

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Win against RadioCity: