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In the middle of a drop from thirty feet above ground, when a aerial acrobat performs a challenging trick, what could be running in her mind? Is her focus on balance? Or is it the fear of failure that’s uppermost in her mind?

We’d say, it’s only Performance.


Twenty years ago, when the digital stage was being built, we at i-Vista stood in the front with our eyes wide-open, filled with ambition and the passion to perform.


Even today, our obsession to perform reflects in everything we do and the results we deliver — be it through Strategy, Creative, Technology, Social or Search. And yet, we are not content. With two decades of experience standing tall behind us, our hunger to deliver disruptive campaigns has only grown.


Now, we stand on the same stage we saw being built, eagerly waiting for our next climb.


We don’t just achieve pre-defined results, but give birth to new ones.